Kiki & Koko's Musical Adventures Piano Course - Book 2

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Ms. Khatchadourian continues her series of introductory books by creating a flawless, strategic musical work of art. This book is an absolute must for intermediate level students.

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Review by Terri Seitz*
"Kiki, Koko, and Friend's Musical Adventures, Intermediate Level" is the continuation of the wonderful new piano method created by Ms. Shushik (Susan) Khatchadourian. This book, intended for intermediate students, continues to challenge and inspire young pianists with its combination of musical concepts and interesting creative compositions.

As a piano instructor of over 30 years, I am excited to find a method that is so concise and comprehensive. This single book covers material that might typically require several books or levels in other piano methods. The intermediate level begins with a series of exercises introducing new notes on each page, ranging from High C to Low C. Creative, original compositions reinforce each new note and also introduce additional musical concepts. All exercises and pieces are carefully phrased and articulated, encouraging musicality. The delightful illustrations of Kiki, Koko and Friends are sure to engage students of all ages.
What I appreciate immensely about this method is that it promotes strong reading skills through its use of varied rhythms, time signatures, hand positions and moves. This book avoids "position" playing and encourages reading. As a piano teacher, I am delighted that both hands are treated equally and independently.
Students using Ms. Khatchadourian's method will excel quickly and emerge as musical, well-rounded young pianists - all while having fun!

*Terri Seitz teaches private piano lessons to Primary, Middle, and Upper School students. She earned a Bachelor of Music degree Summa Cum Laude in piano performance from Northwestern University and her Master of Music from University of Michigan.

Professionally, Ms. Seitz has served as Director of Piano Studies and Chamber Music at Luzerne Music Center in New York, Instrumental Music Director at Friend Central School in Philadelphia, and Piano Instructor at music schools in the Philadelphia and Chicago areas.

Kiki, Koko and Friends' Musical Adventures, Intermediate Level, incorporates fundamental mandatory exercises of new musical notes, and implements them into joyful, originally composed pieces. This book introduces the student to Phrasing Touch, Eight-note Triplets, Grace Notes and much more.
Concepts introduced in this book are reinforced in creative musical compositions. Using a refined and methodical approach, these lessons will inspire creativity and produce a fun learning experience.
Ms. Khatchadourian continues her series of introductory books by creating a flawless, strategic musical work of art.
This book is an absolute must for intermediate level students.

About the Author
Shushik (Susan) Khatchadourian is a longtime member of the Music Teachers National Association and possesses an extensive musical background.

She graduated from Conservatoire Nationale D'Egypt and began a long and successful concertizing career that included performances with the Cairo Philharmonic Orchestra under Maestro Franz Litschauer in Egypt, and with the Pontiac-Oakland Symphony Orchestra in Michigan, among others.

In addition to her concertizing career, Ms. Khatchadourian has been nurturing students of every skill level in the intricacies of keyboard artistry for over 30 years.

She is an active proponent of student recitals and competitions. A yearly piano recital at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California is an integral part of her curriculum. Qualified students will have the opportunity to participate in the Music Center Spotlight Awards in Los Angeles, California.